HERS Rating in California’s Title 24

Navigating HERS Test Criteria for California Title 24 

As California pioneers advancements in energy conservation, the state’s building standards code, known as California Title 24, serves as a pivotal mechanism for curbing energy use in residential and commercial structures. A significant element of Title 24 is the HERS rating, an index utilized to gauge a structure’s energy efficiency. This article delves into the role of HERS testing in meeting Title 24 California requirements and its positive impact on builders, property owners, and the ecosystem.

What is a HERS Rating?

A HERS rating is a quantified assessment, given as a numerical value, that signifies the energy efficiency level of a building. The more energy-efficient a building is, the lower its HERS rating will be. The HERS test evaluates multiple aspects including wall insulation that complies with Title 24, windows that meet Title 24 specifications, climate zone-appropriate HVAC systems, residential lighting, and energy-efficient appliances. In this scoring system, a HERS rating of 100 serves as the benchmark, symbolizing a standard reference home, whereas a HERS score of 0 signifies a home that achieves zero-energy consumption.