Title 24 Calculation and report in Los Angeles | Hawthorne , California

City of Hawthorne Building and Safety Division
4455 W 126th St
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Phone: (310) 349-2990
Email: bldg@hawthorneca.gov
Website: https://www.cityofhawthorne.org/departments/building-safety

 At Title 24 Calcs, our specialization lies in providing top-tier Title 24 calculations and compliance services. We cater specifically to clients in the City of Hawthorne and around the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) area, ensuring that every project, be it residential or non-residential, aligns perfectly with current energy efficiency standards.

Our Services Tailored for Your Success:

  • Residential Projects: Expertise in new construction, alterations, and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units).
  • Non-Residential Projects: Specializing in lighting, envelope, and mechanical system calculations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Accuracy Guaranteed: Our team is committed to delivering precise energy efficiency calculations, ensuring your project meets every intricate requirement.
  • Up-to-Date with Energy Codes: We ensure your building projects are not just compliant but are optimized for energy efficiency, significantly reducing environmental impact.
  • NRCC Standards Expertise: Our consultants are proficient in NRCC-ENV, NRCC-MCH, NRCC-LTI, and NRCC-CXR CF1R standards, essential for your industrial construction projects’ compliance.

Ensuring Compliance Made Easy: Are you planning a construction project in the City of Hawthorne or near the LAX area? Ensure your project’s success and compliance with Title 24 requirements by choosing Title 24 Calcs. Contact us today to get started with our experienced team, ready to provide accurate calculations and comprehensive Title 24 reports for your project.

Order Title 24 Calcs / Energy Calculation Report for projects in Hawthorne

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    Residential Projects

    Floor plan including North Arrow

    Dimensioned exterior elevation

    Window & door schedules

    Heating and cooling equipment type

    Hot water system type and capacity


    Non-Residential/Commercial Projects

    Floor plan including North Arrow (NRCC-ENV)

    Dimensioned exterior elevation

    Sections , wall , roof and window detail

    Window & door schedules (unless indicated on plan)

    Mechanical plan (NRCC-MCH,NRCC-PLB Forms only)

    Lighting plan (NRCC-LTI Forms Only)


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