Title 24 Residential-New Construction What is Title 24? Title 24 forms a crucial part of the California Code of Regulations, setting stringent standards for the energy efficiency of new and renovated residential buildings. Its primary goals are to foster environmental health, drive energy savings, and support the reliability of the electricity grid. Key Residential Requirements … Continue reading Title 24 Residential-New Construction

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To secure a building permit in California, you first need to provide a Title 24 calculation and compliance report to your local Building Department. By doing so, you’re ensuring your project aligns with the energy standards set by Title 24 in the California Code of Regulations.

Interestingly, Title 24 applies to various projects. These include new homes, ADUs, home alterations, and additions. Additionally, it encompasses commercial aspects like lighting, mechanical projects, building envelopes, as well as both low-rise and high-rise structures.

In essence, the Title 24 reports, whether for residential or commercial projects, delve into details like building design, materials, and systems. More importantly, they highlight calculations that confirm the project’s adherence to the state’s energy code.

Looking for a budget-friendly title 24 energy calculation? Title 24 Calcs offers title 24 reports from just $250. For business projects, it’s best to ask for a personalized quote.

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