Non-Residential Lighting

Title 24 requirements for non-residential lighting include:

Lighting power density: This refers to the amount of power that can be used per unit of floor area for lighting in non-residential buildings. Title 24 sets maximum lighting power densities for different types of spaces, such as offices, retail spaces, and outdoor areas.

Lighting controls: Title 24 requires that nonresidential lighting systems include automatic lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, time switches, and daylight sensors. These controls help reduce energy consumption by turning off or dimming lights when they are not needed.

Lighting quality: Title 24 requires that nonresidential lighting systems provide adequate lighting quality, such as color rendering, glare reduction, and uniformity.

To comply with these requirements

Title 24 calcs can perform Title 24 calculations using approved software tools. These tools use various inputs, such as building geometry, lighting system characteristics, and occupancy schedules, to generate a compliance report that shows whether the proposed lighting system meets Title 24 requirements.

We will provide a compliance report that includes the required information to obtain a building permit.

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