Non-Residential Mechanical

Title 24 requirements for nonresidential mechanical systems include:

HVAC System Performance: Title 24 requires that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems meet specific performance standards. This includes minimum efficiency requirements for air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, as well as ventilation rates to ensure adequate indoor air quality.

Economizer Requirements: Title 24 requires that nonresidential buildings with HVAC systems over a certain size include an economizer. An economizer is a device that brings in outside air to cool a building when the outside air is cooler than the indoor air, reducing the need for mechanical cooling.

Demand Control Ventilation: Title 24 requires that nonresidential buildings with certain occupancy types use demand control ventilation (DCV). DCV adjusts the amount of outside air brought into a building based on the number of occupants and their activity level, helping to maintain good indoor air quality while minimizing energy use.

To comply with these requirements

To comply with these requirements, Title 24 calcs can perform Title 24 calculations using approved software tools. These tools use various inputs, such as building geometry, HVAC system characteristics, and occupancy schedules, to generate a compliance report that shows whether the proposed mechanical system meets Title 24 requirements.

We will provide a compliance report that includes the required information to obtain a building permit.

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