Title 24 is the California energy code.

Performance Compliance:

New energy design rating (EDR) metrics – EDR1, Title 24 Compliance now require to meet EDR1, efficiency EDR2, and total EDR2 separately.

Prescriptive Compliance:

  • Space heating equipment must be a heat pump only in certain climate zone.
  • Water heating equipment must be an HPWH meeting certain criteria or a solar water heating system with an electric backup.
  • a gas instantaneous water heater in a certain climate zone is allowed if the space air conditioning unit is a heat pump
  • install a tankless electric water heater with point-of-use distribution is allowed in the new unit under 500 SF
  • a whole-house fan is not required in a new dwelling unit with a conditioned floor area under 500 SF

Additions and Alterations:

  • Duct leakage testing is required for any extension of the existing ducting system.
  • Space heating for addition requires to be a heat pump or gas heating system.
  • Overall assembly title 24 U- Factor has been changed In many California climate zones
  • If wood-framed, may install insulation of R-38 or greater.
  • Whole-dwelling mechanical ventilation is not required for Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADU) when complying as an addition to an existing building
  • Water heater options for additions updated for more specificity across all types.
  • Duct leakage testing is required in certain HVAC duct alterations.
  • HPWHs are allowed for alterations in all climate zones.
  • Cool roof requirements expanded to additional climate zones for alterations.
  • New roof and vented attic ceiling insulation requirements for alterations
  • Revised IAQ and mechanical exhaust requirements.
  • Alterations that add door areas must meet prescriptive U-factor requirements.